Unicorn Cake For Birthday – A New Theme, A New Trend

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There are a number of different themes to choose from when planning a birthday party. There is no shortage of these themes with many new ones being created as time goes by. One new theme which has been taking off more and more recently is the unicorn cake for birthday.

What is a unicorn cake?

The unicorn cake is an unusual theme that makes the birthday party almost seem like a magical fantasy. The party guests are probably going to feel as though they are in another world when they look at the cake. This theme is definitely one for those who love things that are different and original.

Why should persons choose this theme?

There are many reasons why persons should opt for this theme over other themes. The main reason people should decide to use the unicorn cake is because it is an unconventional theme that makes the party feel very special.

Theme catering

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When a person opts for the unicorn theme, it is recommended that he or she hires a party planner who will arrange for food and drink for the party as well as entertainment. Hiring a party planner to assist someone with organizing their birthday can make the process easier.

Theme decorations

It is recommended that the person planning the party will opt for unique theme decorations to go along with the theme. For example, if one decides to use a unicorn cake as his or her theme, he or she can use a unicorn logo on the invitations. The invitation will have something about the event and then a picture of the cake will be shown in this section of it. In this way pieces of art work created by persons who love unicorns will be featured on invitations invites and other items related to the party.

Theme activities

A person planning a unicorn themed birthday party should have a number of party-related activities in place. These include games and other competitions which involve using the theme. For example, the person may arrange for persons to be able to paint their faces like unicorns and then take photographs with their faces as well as their bodies covered in this color.

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